Let’s build the Future Generation together!

The mission of Future Talents Generation (FTG) is to find talented and aspiring young people and provide them an environment in which they can get the best out of themselves.

Let’s watch Neil Patel’s message for the FTG

What are we looking for in future FTG members?



We are looking for proactive people who would like to improve. Those, who doesn’t need external motivation (persuasion) to be better but are driven by an inner desire to be the best in their profession / field!

What does FTG offer?

If you manage to get in after our 3-months admission period, in addition to gain access to a community with a positive mindset and an excellent atmosphere, you can also choose from the below options:

Starting the FTG Diploma program and complete the three pillars.

Gaining insight and professional education in an organization of more than 100 people.

Our projects


International conferences

Secondary School Competition

Social sensitization

International Partners