InnerTalent Project

“InnerTalent” is an 24-month trans-continental Capacity Building in the field of youth project that aims to design, develop and implement practical solutions to social challenges in our communities and exploit the economic potential of both Europe and Asia by involving the private sector. Our long-term goal is to come up with a successful model, which could be implemented on a local level. Youth unemployment is one of the most pressing issues not only in Europe but worldwide, with respectively more than 14 million unemployed young people in Europe and more than 71 million on a global level. To tackle this issue, “InnerTalent”, focuses on the promotion and encouragement of entrepreneurship as long-term job opportunity for unemployed young people.

InnerTalent Objectives

Our project is designed for a specific target group – youth workers and leaders representing youth organizations and motivated to make a difference for youth in their communities.

To foster cooperation and exchanges in the field of youth entrepreneurship between Europe and Asia;

To share, exchange and transfer good practices, methods and tools in the field of empowering youth through entrepreneurship and thus improve the quality and recognition of youth work, non- formal learning and volunteering in Partner Countries and enhance their synergies and complementarities with other education systems, the labor market and society. This objective will be reached throughout the project capacity building and mobility activities, as at the end to have all information collected in the “InnerTalent” Platform and Handbook with tools, activities and interactive for empowering youth with an entrepreneurial mindset.

To allow transnational non-formal learning mobility of young people and youth workers interested in entrepreneurship.

To develop a long-term sustainable trans-continental network of youth organizations working to empower youth with entrepreneurial skills, mindset and competencies.

The project duration is 24 months, during which we will be cooperating, delivering events together and working to reach the same aim, which will have a long-term impact on our network.

To build up the capacities of our organizations in terms of using innovative youth entrepreneurship work programs, internationalization and management.

InnerTalent Activities


InnerTalent Platform

The "InnerTalent" Platform is an innovative online platform that fosters entrepreneurial thinking and skills in young individuals. Through real problem-based quests, it encourages the application of innovative ideas in practical scenarios, preparing participants for the dynamic labor market. By nurturing creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities, InnerTalent equips the youth with the tools and confidence to tackle real-world challenges. With a focus on practical skills and a learner-centered approach, InnerTalent empowers participants to make a meaningful impact in their chosen fields.

InnerTalent Handbook

In addition to the "InnerTalent" Quest Platform, there is also a comprehensive Handbook available for youth workers. This Handbook serves as a valuable resource, providing tools, games, and activities that empower and engage young individuals. It includes the 10 quests from the platform, offering practical guidance and support for youth workers to facilitate the quests with the young participants. The Handbook acts as a practical companion, equipping youth workers with the necessary resources to create a dynamic and impactful learning environment for the youth they work with.

Partner Consortium

Project Coordinator:

  • Project Idea:

  • Jövőt Építők Generációja Egyesület (Hungary)
  • Project Partners:

  • Champions Factory (Bulgaria)
  • Center for Cooperation and Human Development (Vietnam)
  • Lanka Youth Organizations Network (Sri Lanka)
  • Cambodia Youth Action(Cambodia)