Are you interested in professional programs but good atmosphere and community spirit are also important to you?


If yes, then be among the first ones who get a notification about admission.

We trust deeply in each other and in the future we build.

Many doors open for FTG members. At Cooling Night events they can learn about good practices, get to know the hidden truth behind success stories and profit from the experiences of recognized professionals. As part of Mentor Night they can share a dinner with a renowned public leader. They can expand their expertise or discover whole new areas with lessons taken in the course system. They can broaden their contact network on Random Coffee occasions.

The range of possibilities is limitless. We trust each other and believe in the future we build.

We hope you will be soon joining us on this journey!

FTG is a good choice for you if….

You are willing to invest a lot of time and energy in self-improvement

You are interested in professional programs

You believe we can do more together

Good atmosphere and community spirit is important to you

Admission schedule

February 01-19
Written application
February 22-26
In-person interviews
Engagement program

February 01 – 19

Written application.

Don’t expect circling or listing options.

Our aim is to get to know you: what motivates you and how you see the world.

We are waiting for detailed answers, so – if you have the opportunity – you should rather fill the questionnaire out at home in your spare time. A professional CV and a letter of motivation must be attached to the written assignment, so it is also advised to prepare these in advance.

After the deadline, all applicants will be notified via email.


February 22 – 26

In-person interviews

After a successful written application, an in-person interview will take place. If the current COVID situation allows, we would like to keep it face-to-face as reading your previous answers we are usually looking forward to meeting you and this way you can also get one step closer and get to know us better.

The duration of the informal conversation is 10-15 minutes. At this point we are curious about your motivational and professional background mostly.

March – April

Engagement program

A successful admission is followed by a two-month engagement program. During these two months, the new member aspirants perform various tasks in a team led by a professional mentor which form the basis of their future professional and skills development. Everyone has nice memories about their engagement program. They get inspired by the ideas and performance of their peers and this program also serves as a cornerstone of the FTG Diploma. Those who successfully complete the engagement program become an official member at the FTG initiation event.

Our members said

Tamás Stenczel

I am a Master of Materials Science student in Cambridge. I joined the organization during my secondary school years. I took part in the FTG team forming at my school and visited lectures in the course system (then in place) where I learnt and improved a lot. I moved out of my comfort zone and discovered new things while working on the challenges. For me, FTG is a superb community where I am surrounded by people just like me: they are curious and open to the World and they motivate each other to become better.

Csaba Lombárszki

After finishing my BA in Marketing, I continued my studies as a Master of Economics student at the Faculty of Management at Eötvös Loránd University. I wanted to put my previous knowledge in use elsewhere too, thus I joined FTG in the autumn of 2019 mainly in the hope of professional development and networking. During my time here so far, I got to know myself much better, met and made friends with fantastic people and managed to join a community where members praise and motivate each other. The organization destined to achieve great things and I’m glad to call myself one of its members!

Nikolett Gódány

I am a third-year PhD student of History at Eötvös Loránd University. I applied to FTG because in addition to the theoretical knowledge I acquired at the University, I also wanted to gain access to practical knowledge while being surrounded by young people with similar interests and aspirations for self-improvement. For me, FTG is a community where I can grow and move out of my comfort zone at the same time. Of course, it’s in fact a give-and-take situation, not just about me getting something out of it. I joined the marketing team as I would like to expand my knowledge in the field of marketing. I am currently involved in the team as a campaign manager; I manage the social media interfaces of our organization.

I am happy to be a member of the FTG as here I have met good and talented people, I can take part in superb programs and work on a variety of tasks.

Tamás Czabai

I only applied to be part of a community where I can meet interesting people.

I then found myself talking through evenings: listening and conflicting opinions and developing friendships while arguing with each other.

We plan together, self-organize teams, ideas follow ideas and we’ve already embarked on something new… again. We wanted to achieve the 5-kilometer run time in a month. We have been teasing each other throughout the process but we were sincerely cheering and clapping for each other at the end. It is way more than what I have previously imagined.

Bettina Török

My name is Bettina, I’m a first year Master of Business Informatics student at the Corvinus University of Budapest. Education is important to me as a lecturer and I think it’s not surprising that as an IT professional I’m also a fan of computers. In addition, I am a member of FTG where self-improvement is a key factor. I love being surrounded by people who have a purpose and also know how they would like to achieve their goals. FTG is definitely an organization where we, as members, can count on each other and plan our future together.

FTG is a good choice for you if….

you are willing to invest a lot of time and energy in self-improvementre
you would also like to improve on a professional level
you would love to try yourself in projects
you would take exciting courses
you like working in a team
your goal is to build relationships
and you would like to expand your knowledge