Have a dinner with the most prominent figures of today’s Hungarian public life.

The Future Talents Generation has been organizing an event called MentorNight every year since 2013, the aim of the night is to put motivated young people at the same table as the most outstanding figures of today’s Hungarian public life. 

The trend of today is that many young people are still looking for their way by the end of their twenties. Most young people today are no longer satisfied with a secure career, a hunger for success is almost a generational feature. However, most people only get to the goal, but it is difficult to achieve. The Future Talents Generation helps these ambitious young people within the framework of the MentorNight program, where lucky Hungarian young people can talk face-to-face with people who are particularly successful in their profession. At the event, the organization line up the best professionals from almost every field to mentor the young people taking part in the event for a few hours. Young people aged 18-35 can apply for the event.

Every year since 2013


Mentored people

We believe that it is essential for the young generation, who want to improve, to hear first-hand from people who have already proven in their profession how they can be successful and what skills are worth and should focus on. In addition to enriching the young people participating in the event with a lifelong experience, it is also a great opportunity for mentors to get acquainted with the most motivated young people in today’s Hungarian society, as it also serves as a kind of forecast for the Hungary of the future. The program and spirit of the event perfectly express the goals and vision of Future Talents Generation.


How can you apply?

Every autumn, Future Talents Generation announces the MentorNight event, during which young people have one month to submit their application. To apply, you must submit three documents to Future Talents Generation, which are as follows:

  • A Harvard sample of up to 1 page of application work on a topic indicated by the mentor
  • CV
  • Cover Letter



Do you have a question?

If you have any questions about our event, please contact us on our Facebook page or write a message here.