FTG Diploma


What’s the FTG Diploma?

It consists of three pillars:

  1. Course system
  2. InnerTalent
  3. Scope broadening events

Course system

People participating in the Course System can take an average of 5-7 courses during the fall and spring semesters on topics such as economics, entrepreneurship, marketing or the basics of web development and so on. Credit points are registered for those who complete the courses successfully (by passing an administered oral or written exam).


InnerTalent is a development program consisting of 10 challenges which can be divided into the following categories:

  • Challenge 1-3. – Challenges for Individual development, such as interviewing a successful person.
  • Challenge 4-5. – Challenges that support teamwork, such as organizing a charity project.

The first 5 challenges are designed to develop soft skills. After completing the first 5 challenges people choose themselves a professional field to continue their journey on a specific path.

  • Challenge 6-8. – Improving individual professional competencies.
  • Challenge 9-10. – Strengthening and presenting professional knowledge: completing a 30-35 pages long FTG dissertation on a given topic of the previously chosen professional field.

Scope broadening events

FTG organizes scope broadening events for it’s members. For Google Night we collect job interview questions from Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon to test our members on how well they perform. FTG Meetup and FTG International Relations offer lectures on professional topics and topics of international importance. Every month, we invite a renowned individual for our Cooling Night to showcase the successes and failures of their life.


How can I obtain a FTG Diploma?

After the completion of the three basic pillars has been accepted, the final step towards FTG Diploma is an oral examination in front of our Advisory Board. 

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the FTG Diploma please send us a message below or write us a DM on Facebook.